Aurelio Voltaire, Call of the Jersey Devil

A lot of people are going to love this book. (Of course, that does mean that there will be others who won’t get it.) So here’s why!

Do you remember that B movie? The one that was so utterly ‘B-movie’ that you couldn’t possibly take it seriously? The one that was so over the top you loved it precisely because it so gleefully did everything a B movie does, and worse?

Yeah, that movie. And this is that book.

Don’t read it if you’re looking for soul-searching (unless you mean the kind a ghoul does when it wakes up and discovers it hasn’t got one any more.)

Don’t read it if you’re looking for a romantic interest (unless you don’t mind the pretty girl turning into a wicked, ugly hag right when things get interesting.)

Don’t read it if you’re looking for distant lands (unless you’re from New York, in which case New Jersey qualifies.)

But if you’d love that B-movie feel, complete with clueless teenagers, animated corpses, and undead figures shambling through the mouth of hell, this book will give you a wonderful, tongue-in-cheek adventure.

Just remember the rules for surviving a horror flick. Especially the one that warns you never to say, “I’ll be right back.”

Oooh, this looks like a fun story, filled to the brim with horror and B-movie tropes, cheerfully exploiting every stereotype anybody every dreamt up involving goth teenagers, shopping malls, and lonely spots deep in the woods.

I’ll be right back!

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