Third time’s the trick

My coauthor, K.W. Gish, and I, are busy working on the sequel to Daughter of the Signs.

It’s an odd thing. This will actually be the third time we’ve been at this point — but then, twice, we decided that the first book needed reworking.

It’s a strange feeling now, looking back and seeing the difference between ‘ready’ and ‘we thought we were ready’.

Have a good fifteen pages we’ve both been over, and a whole load of stuff Kim wrote this summer that I’m now doing my phase of the process on.

Coauthoring is a strange process, too. You have to keep your ego out of it, and trust that your partner is working magic.

Usually that’s the way of it round this way. 🙂 So it’s a fun process.

But one that almost always brings surprises … to us. And hopefully (and pleasantly) for you, our future readers ..

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