Rachel Hawkins, School Spirits

She’s been raised to hunt monsters. But when Izzy nearly gets killed by a vampire, her mother decides she needs to try something simple and easy for a change. Like handle a simple school haunting. At a high school. Which means enrolling as a student.

School? What’s school, when you’re ten kinds of ninja. Should be a piece of cake.


This is a fast, fun read, and if you’re wanting what this book promises, it delivers.

The girl’s name is Isolde. Mom is Aislinn. Pronounced Ashleen. There’s a wizard trapped in a mirror, a witch raising the dead, a wild party with a police raid.

Naturally she falls in love. With a high school student. And doesn’t want to leave.

I’ll classify this one as around a three out of five. It’s fun, if a bit too much of a perfect tongue-in-cheek romp down a bunch of urban fantasy tropes. Definitely worth a read.

(I got this book from the local library. I have no connection with author or publisher.)

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