Leah Cypess, Mistwood

In the forest, lived a girl. Only she wasn’t really a girl. She was the King’s Shifter, bound magically to protect him from all harm. And now the Prince has come to bind her to him, once more. Only … it’s more complicated than that. Way more complicated. She has to figure out who and what she really is before she betrays herself and the man she loves before she even realizes who she is or that she loves him.

Some books are like dreams. You dream them, then you want to dream them again.

This is one of those books. There are few recent books that actually have something in them of the enchantment I felt years ago, reading books like The Forgotten Beasts of Eld or Bridge of Birds.

This one comes awfully close. Dream with me a moment …

Ven stood with his eyes closed, swaying unsteadily on his feet. The air around him was full of shimmering translucent colors, like sunlight seen through lowered eyelashes, patternless and beautiful and threatening all at once.

Enough said! Read it.

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