Wendy Tyson, Killer Image

Allison Campbell is an image consultant. Which mostly means teaching people how to be what they want to seem. But then a congressman wants him to help his teenage daughter — which brings back memories of another life, in which she tried, and failed, to help a troubled teen. Every time she tries to help the girl, things get worse. Before long, the congressman’s daughter is the prime suspect in a murder investigation, and if Allison isn’t careful, she’ll be the next victim.

It’s important to note that I am not a mystery reader normally. But this sounded interesting, and so I wanted to see what Wendy Tyson was up to.

The short answer? Having fun.

This is a tightly-plotted book with very believable characters, and the villain of the whodunnit was not obvious except in retrospect, as should be in a well-written mystery. But for me, the psychological tensions were what made the book. We’re talking about a seriously believable main course of teen angst, with a side of powerfully portrayed adult guilt complexes, stirred together with a dollop of love triangle sauce.

A fun read, and one I’d recommend to anyone, not just to mystery fans.

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