Rosamund Hodge, Cruel Beauty

Her father has promised her in marriage to a monster, and trained her all her life to kill him. Nyx resents her father, but means to do her duty anyway. Until she’s actually married to the Gentle Lord. Then, things get complicated.

Here’s the fastest way to describe this story: Cupid and Psyche meets Tam Lin.

If you like versions of Beauty and the Beast, or C.S. Lewis’ Till We Have Faces, you should start drooling.

This is a really well-told story. The coolest fact about Nyx is that she’s the best example I’ve seen in a long while of a protagonist who doesn’t try to be likeable. Who knows she ISN’T good, but soldiers on anyway.

Scary moment, when she unloads a lifetime of frustrations on her sister early in the book, for instance. But it makes it easier to see her as real. This is a character that comes to life from the start.

Well worth reading. Don’t miss. I’m putting it in my list of classic must-reads.

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