Vicki Weavil: Crown of Ice

Disney this is not. In this feminist fairy tale, the girl isn’t a princess, and she’s quite happy to make the guy wait till she’s ready to enter a relationship on an equal footing.
All very true, but it doesn’t really capture the essence of the story, which is (quite coincidentally) coming out shortly after Disney did the Ice Queen too. But this Ice Queen is far brainier than the Disney version, and very interesting in her own right.

She’s got a heart, but she’s really good at hiding that part of herself from herself or anybody else.

She’s has a love interest, but you wouldn’t know it for a long, long time. Takes a while for that heart to thaw …

And she has a deadline (when her next birthday hits, she’s not toast, but a ghost), so she is very, very motivated to complete her magical task.

One of the striking things about this as a novel, for me, was the spare, minimal style of narration, much more like a traditional fairy tale than a typical YA novel. It worked very well, especially in the early going. I was a bit disappointed that the narrative didn’t hit me over the head a bit harder when her heart began to shift in the later parts of the novel — I think an inattentive reader might miss the cues.

A fun read. Don’t miss it.

(I got a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. I have no other connection with the publisher, Month9books.)

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