Aislin’s World

My friend Kimbra and I are working together on a YA novel featuring Aislin, a girl who finds herself in the middle of an epic tale — most likely, a tragedy, starring her as the protagonist — and has to figure out how to survive.

Here’s our current working blurb for the resulting manuscript, which we’re currently polishing up and preparing for submission.

Daughter of a Murdered Queen
by Kimbra Wilder Gish and Paul Douglas Deane

As she approaches her sixteenth birthday, Aislin thinks she understands her world. She is an apprentice Inscriber, and the Signs she draws ward off the Nameless, deadly beings who wear shadow like a second skin. But when one of them brutally murders her guardian, she discovers she has been kept in the dark. She is the child of a murdered queen, a Daughter of the Signs, descended from heroes. The moment her mother’s enemies learn that she still lives, they will put a price upon her head. Unless, of course, the Nameless kill her first.

Aislin does not want to be a queen. If she could, she would sail off to a faraway land where the Nameless are little more than stories used to frighten children and keep them from wandering in the dark. But that may not be her choice to make. Her mother’s supporters will sacrifice anything to seat her on her mother’s throne, and they expect her to play her part.

In the middle of everything, she makes an unexpected friend: Gilhelda, a girl raised from childhood to be a courtier and a spy. If Aislin’s life is a runaway horse, Gilhelda is in the saddle with her, and their feet are tangled in the stirrups. If Aislin goes down, she will take Gilhelda with her.

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