Aislin’s World

My friend Kimbra Wilder Gish and I are collaborating on a young adult fantasy project. Here are is our current working pitch for the resulting stories, which we are currently editing for submission.

Daughter of a Murdered Queen
Fifteen-year-old Aislin escapes a haunted city after her guardian is brutally murdered, only to discover that she is the daughter of a murdered queen. Unless she hardens her heart and trusts no one, there are a thousand ways she could end up dead. But then she makes an unexpected friend – Gilhelda, whose father trained her to be a courtier and a spy. If Aislin’s life is a runaway horse, Gilhelda is in the saddle with her, and their feet are tangled in the stirrups.

Hidden Princess, Hidden Prince
Eigilborn wants to play Romeo. Aislin is too smart to be his Juliet, but her options are limited. As a princess of the royal house, she is the ultimate prize in her kingdom’s game of thrones. Running away with Eigilborn seems like a better plan than fighting a bloody civil war or marrying the man whose father murdered her parents, but there is one small catch. Long ago, Eigilborn’s people rebelled, because they consider her family to be servants of evil. And he does not yet realize who she is.

Both stories are set in an island kingdom threatened by the Nameless, deadly beings who hunger for living souls. Without the protection afforded by the Signs that Aislin has been trained to carve, there is no knowing when the shadows will spring to life.

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