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Meredith Ann Pierce, The Darkangel

    When her mistress, Eoduin, is carried off by the Darkangel, Aeriel despairs of ever seeing her again. But then the Darkangel carries her off, to his home on a high crag, where Eoduin lives with the ghosts of his other eleven wives. How can she save Eoduin from the Darkangel? How can she save herself?

    And he is so beautiful. If only there were a way to save him from himself.

    This work is a classic. It’s vampyres as they should be (forget about the sparkly kind with the usual spelling). Read it. It’s like a dream talking.

Tanith Lee, The Birthgrave

    She wakes alone, without memories, in an abandoned temple inside a volcano that is about to erupt. She has the power of a goddess, but no understanding of the world into which she has emerged. She will soon learn all there is to know of the cruelties of civilization and of barbarism. She is haunted by the past. If only she could remember it.

Tanith Lee is one of those incredible authors who deserves to be far better known than she is.

This is one of her first novels. It’s powerful. Don’t miss this one. Or any of the others she’s written, even if you have to order them used. (Though Norilana Books is now reprinting most of them.)

So much you really don’t want to miss. Like Don’t Bite the Sun, which is science fiction, and mind-blowing.

C.S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces

    Orual is the ugly sister, but she loves Psyche dearly. When the god selects Psyche to be sacrificed, she nearly dies. Afterward, she begins to wear a veil to hide her face from the world. She becomes a great warrior queen, yet nothing satisfies her, and so she begins to write a book: her complaint against the injustice of the gods.

    Very few people have read this book, yet it is in my opinion C.S. Lewis’ best novel. It’s a retelling of the story of Cupid and Psyche from the ugly sister’s point of view. Not only is it the only story Lewis wrote with a female protagonist, it captures Lewis’ love for classic Greco-Roman myth in a way that none of his other works does.

    Read it. Even if you don’t like Narnia.

    Especially if you don’t like Narnia.